Source and Shipping Service

You know where to buy the quality product or parts you want, but need a trusted partner to make the purchases and ship to you.

CargoLink International Shipping Services is the trusted partner that you are looking for. We source semi-trucks, box/flatbed trucks, dump trucks, mining and construction equipment or any other heavy machinery when requested, and ship to our customers in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

We will source your order, and handle all the complicated logistics such as vet the quality of the goods, negotiate the best deal on your behalf, make payments for you and deliver the goods at your doorstep.

We have a network of staff that is experienced in business outsourcing and procurement services. We are therefore, in an excellent position to offer these services at a price that is usually too good for you to resist; and that includes shipping your orders to your desired location.

Contact us to get a great value for your money.