Container Consolidation to Zimbabwe

We provide consolidated ocean freight to Zimbabwe. We pick up these goods in Boxes, Pallets or Drums and consolidate them in a container for shipment. We also ship Furnitures, Electronics and Cars. No matter the size of your cargo, we receive it in our warehouse and package them for shipping.

We have embraced the best logistic practices to simplify our operations. What this means for you is our promise that all goods we receive for shipping are containerized for safe transport and delivery to Zimbabwe.

Yes, we ship any size of goods whether small or large and our years of operational experience in shipping guarantees that your goods will be delivered in the same condition you gave them up to be transported.

We are aware of the need to ensure timely delivery of your goods and to provide utmost handling care to the goods you entrusted to us; hence we developed a schedule of pickup dates and location that makes the task of moving goods by our trained staff easy. We made these arrangements, with you in mind, because we understand the right choice you made by choosing CargoLink International for that quick and prompt service you deserve.

You can now experience the best shipping services when you find yourself needing us to deliver your goods safely in Zimbabwe or a neighboring country.