+ 25% Clearance Fees
+$50 Delivery Fee



+ 25% Clearance Fees
+ $75 Delivery Fee

Our Featured Services

Shipping to Zimbabwe and Southern Africa Countries?

Our ocean freight services enable you to ship all sizes of cargo, from a single pallet to large and complex machinery, tractors, semi-trucks and other equipment.

Schedule your pickup online or call; we pick it up and deliver, all at your door

Relocating to Zimbabwe? We will help you safely park and ship

Boxes, Pallets or Drums? We will consolidate into containers and securely ship

You name it; we source it! Semi-trucks, Box/Flatbed trucks, Dump trucks, Etc,..

We use FedEx International Air Economy when speedy delivery is your priority

Why is CargoLink
International your Best

Online Appointment Scheduling

It’s easy. And the best part is that you can enjoy the convenience of using your Smartphone or Tablet to make the appointment because our website is mobile compliant.

Expedited Service Delivery

We value your time and make sure it’s not wasted. There are no delays either in pick up or delivery.

Convenient and Secure Online Payment

Making a payment is a breeze; you choose your preferred payment method, enter your billing information and you are done.

Door-to-door Pickup and Delivery

You don’t have to bring your shipment to our warehouse. We take your stress away by coming to your door to pick up your cargo and to allow you time to do other important things.

Guaranteed Delivery of Cargo

We guarantee that your cargo is in safe hands. Our attention to details makes all the difference in ensuring your cargo will arrive intact at your destination.

Competitive and Discounted Pricing

Our prices are competitive and the cheapest. Above all you will get value for your money.