Door to Door Delivery Around Zimbabwe

You do not come to us; we come to you with our vehicles on your chosen date and time and receive any cargo you have for shipment. As soon as you call us or schedule appointment on our website online, we will take it from there and do the rest. You can always cancel your appointment online if for any reason your chosen date did not work for you.

Our door-to-door pickup and delivery service is a value-added convenience that our customers enjoy without breaking the bank and a service you cannot get anywhere else. For you, it means saving money and no sweat moving the goods to the loading zones and from the offloading zones.

Our door-to-door pickup and delivery services are always on time. Therefore, you can plan your activities around the shipment period. If you do not have the boxes or drums for shipping your goods; don’t worry, we can sell them to you at a price you can afford.

Remember, we will take care of the Customs clearance and payment of all duties on your behalf. The only payment you will make is to us for the shipping and delivery of your goods.

The company also sells and rents out containers to the clients who have a lot of goods to ship and are interested in using them. The containers also vary in sizes so as to offer the clients options. It is vital to note that all of these are offered at competitive prices.